Four gTLDs Entering General Availability This Week

This week we have four different new extensions, all of which will be released into general availability on August 26th.

The new extensions include:





Experts are predicting .online to have some decent first day numbers. Primarily because .online received 775 registrations during the Sunrise period. The registry which is launching .online, Radix, is predicting 15,000+ registrations when it hits general availability. Radix is even saying they are hoping to compete with .club’s 25,000 first day registration numbers.

Personally I see .online having a good release. As far as the others I am not so sure. I can see some big keywords being registered under .soccer as well as .movie. Registrations for .coupons have a bit of a handicap since there are already a few coupon related gTLDs already released (.qpon / .coupon).

As far as my plans go, I have one on pre-order for the .soccer extension.